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Tax and Immigration Forms in Wharton, NJ

Helping Clients with Legal Immigration in Wharton, NJ

At MelKass, we use our experience and knowledge to help our clients with advice and support for legal immigration. You can depend on us for assistance with all the paperwork for both immigration and tax preparation. We will guide you through the entire process. Our services are offered in English and Spanish.

Tax Assistance

Preparing and filing taxes can be a very tiring chore which requires a lot of documentation and takes a lot of time. We’ll help you by gathering your basic information and the required forms, providing ITIN numbers for those without legal immigration status, and other related services. Our company is IRS-registered, which allows us to contact them directly if any issues need resolution. We offer tax preparation starting at a moderate price, depending on the file’s complexity. Our experienced professionals will complete and submit all the forms and take care of the complexities. The first step is booking a tax consultation with us.

Helping with the Immigration Process

If you’re struggling with the immigration process for a family member you wish to help bring here, then we can provide the support you need for legal immigration. We’ll help you with the entire procedure, including the online questionnaire and the paper forms.

We know how overwhelming immigration can be but with our team working for you, we’ll make sure that we handle your case correctly while treating it, and you, with the respect and courtesy you deserve.

Legal Immigration in Wharton, NJ