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Tax and Immigration Forms in Wharton, NJ

Tax Preparation and Immigration Process in Wharton, NJ

At MelKass, experience the incredible knowledge and quick service from our tax preparation and immigration process in Wharton, NJ. Our services are offered in both English and Spanish.

Tax Preparation

We all know that dealing with taxes can be stressful and can take up too much of your time. With MelKass, we can gather your basic information and paperwork, provide ITIN numbers for those without legal immigration status, and more. MelKass is also registered with the IRS so we can contact them directly if there are any issues. Both individuals and businesses are served. Our tax preparation services start at $125, depending on the complexity of the return and its unique details.

Immigration Forms

Are you struggling with the immigration process? If you're attempting to help a family member come to the United States, we'd be happy to handle all the forms you need. MelKass will also be there throughout the whole process, helping you right up to the time when your loved ones arrive. You can rely on us to assist you with both online questionnaires and paper forms.

Legal Immigration in Wharton, NJ